Workforce Development

Coach and Umpire Development    

As much as we are committed to our on-court performances, Saints Netball is a club passionate about enabling our members to be as good as they can be on and off the court.  We look to support our members to fulfill their potential, follow their dreams and to give something back to others, both locally and internationally.  We are proud to host coaching and umpiring courses here at the University of St Andrews and we support our members through their coaching and umpiring journey.

Coach Development 

In 2019 we hosted a Level 1 Coaching Course with 16 of our girls getting qualified (30 in total over the last 2 years).  We also had 2 Level 2s qualified with one needing her final assessment (5 in total over the last 2 years). This is on top of our existing workforce.  We also support our coaches with CPD and this has been on-going throughout the year.  We are delivering a Level 1 in January and February 2020 and look forward to supporting more girls at the start of their coaching journey.

Umpire Development 

We recently hosted a C Award course, with 12 of our members on the course and a B Award course, with 6 of our members on the course. Over the last 2 years we have developed 19 C Award umpires and started 7 B Award umpires on their journey which is a fantastic achievement.  We organise umpire CPD and mentoring and set up assessment opportunities throughout the year.  We have a healthy number of qualified C Award umpires in the club and three qualified B Award umpires with more underway.

We would not be able to do such considerable work in this area if it wasn’t for the financial support from Western Union Business Solutions.  Having a qualified workforce means that we can do more with our Community Engagement and International Volunteering work as well as run the Saints Netball programme.  

Saints Netball