Social Netball

With the Covid restrictions in place, we have had to do things slightly differently across all areas of the Saints Netball programme.  We hope 2020/21 Social Netball will still take place, it will just be in a slightly different format, at a slightly different time and run in the Cage- the outdoor home for Saints Netball! 

Semester 2 2020/2021 Update: 
With restrictions still in place, we are unable to play netball or small sided games.  Social Netball will re-start if and when we are able to move to match play. Please still register your interest with Leia if you want to join when we are able to do so:


What is social netball and is it for me?

Whatever your motivation, whether you are there to keep fit, meet friends or just generally improve as a netballer,  Leia ensures every session is different, enjoyable and engaging.  Its extremely informal, however due to Covid restrictions, you need to register your interest beforehand, dress appropriately and enjoy playing some netball.

For more information about Social Netball, contact Leia directly at: